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For more than a decade, leading land, sea, and air logistics providers rely

On Reckon for logistics processing solutions that enable them to successfully overcome their day to day business challenges. We work closely with 3PL providers, trucking companies, freight forwarders, rail lines, intermediaries, shippers, and carriers. We execute their complex logistics support processes and mitigate the unexpected business interruptions that arise from:


Business Interruptions Arise From

Expenses and overhead costs increase rapidly due to economic fluctuations as well as difficulties in retaining skilled administrative personnel and the need to divert management resources from non-core business functions We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing access to our EDI solutions, including the implementation and conversion of hard copy to digital. Our company is proud to be the extended logistics arm of leading companies throughout the world.

  • Export Documentation
  • Export Bookings
  • Trucking
  • Customer Support
  • Track & Trace
  • Carrier invoicing disputes
  • Container Release

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